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Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Hi there, I'm Tim Stiroh, the owner and head trainer of Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition. 

Since I started my personal training career 5 years ago, I have helped dozens of adults lose weight, become stronger, and reach new levels of fitness that they never thought they could accomplish!

I know you are are reading this because.....

  • You may have gained weight over the past year

  • You feel as if your training progress has stalled 
  • You know you need to get back in to the gym but don't know where to start
  • You feel as if you need to find some new motivation and make training enjoyable again

Once you realize something needs to change, you might attempt to get back on a fitness routine on your own. 
It may work for a little bit, but soon enough you end up feeling like you have hit a wall, or you are just winging it in the gym and are not seeing the results you think you should. 
Let me be the first to tell you that this is not a reflection of you. 
Let me explain with an analogy. 
If you have a leaky pipe under your sink, you can try and fix it on your own. 
Maybe you call up a friend, you ask your uncle, or maybe you watch a few YouTube videos. 
You go ahead and do the best you can, and after all is said and done, it is fixed. 
It may not be perfect, you know the result may only last a few months, but it is good enough for now. 
Deep down you know you didn't do as good as a professional plumber could. 
As professional plumber they went through years of specific school to learn his craft and years of experience to know how to apply those skills to the various types of pipes and projects they fix. 
Your training and health is no different than a leaky pipe that needs the proper person to help get the job done. 
You might be able to wing it as you go try to get back into shape on your own, but how do you know if you are doing the right workouts and exercises?
Will you know how to adjust the training program when something goes wrong? Or how do you know how to keep making progress long term? 
Even though most people think they know what to do, they often times don't use the plan that fits their goals or schedule.
They don't get the one on one attention that can help speed up the process, and they don't get personalized support to keep them on track when it gets hard. 
This is why Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition places such a huge emphasis on the personalized approach. 
Each program is personalized not just to your workouts and goals, but personalized to your dietary preferences, your workout style, your training history, and most importantly your lifestyle. 
You might be able to find a great program online from your favorite influencer or celebrity.
But, a great training program is worthless if you can't fit it into your schedule, if you can't stay consistent, and if you are not enjoying what you are doing.
That is why with Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition, we meet you where you are at, and build you up to a version of yourself YOU can be proud of!
Keep reading to learn more about Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition's personal training program!

The Secret To How Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition Delivers Results!

  1. Personalized attention to detail so you get exactly what you need succeed

  2. A system that keeps you accountable, consistent, & motivated each week!

  3. As your coach, I will be your resource to help you fit your training & nutrition plan into your schedule


Nick M.

Since being with Tim I have enhanced my athleticism, strength, and physical appearance.


Chris P.

I have been hitting PR's I never knew I could. I have been working out for years, but with Tim I am really pushing myself past my limits!


Elizabeth H.

Since working with Tim, I have felt stronger, more fit, and have noticed a difference when I compete in my tennis matches!

What is included in this coaching program?

  1. 3 months of one on one training and coaching 

  2. 8, 60-minute training sessions per month

  3. Personalized workouts each time you train!

  4. Workouts to follow on your non personal training days

  5. Nutritional coaching to keep you feeling great every day

  6. Access to the gym for individual workouts

  7. Discounts on Cryotherapy, Fit 3D Body Scanning, Normatec Recovery Sleeves

  8. Access to me throughout the week to help when you are feeling stuck

  9. Accountability, consistency and motivation by seeing progress each week!


Eric P.

Tim gives amazing advice on both workout and nutrition plans. he has gotten me on a great path for my health. 


Brian S.

Tim's been fundamental in heling me kickstart my fitness journey after taking years off. Tim has helped me find motivation again, and has gotten me back to a healthy lifestyle


Frank C.

Tim truly cares for each and every one of his clients. And his level of professionalism is bar none! Highly recommend!

This program will do more than just improve your fitness and health!

It will .......

  • Give you a personalized approach that fits into your life

  • Hold you accountable

  • Take the guesswork and worry away from your training

  • Give you confidence that you are getting a program that will work for you and your goals

  • Get you progress each week

  • Provide you with resources to help you overcome obstacles throughout the training

  • Show you how to make healthier nutrition choices without counting calories and still enjoying your favorite foods

  • Create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that will help make results last a lifetime!

If all this program did was get you results faster than if you tried this on your own, and without second guessing yourself, would you be open to hearing more?

If you answered yes, then click the big button below.

The button will take you to a short form to fill out so I can hear more about what your looking to accomplish with your training.

Once I get the form, I will personally reach out to you you to go over your goals and the possibility of scheduling a 

This free training session is for you to experience what a sample workout from your individualized training program will be like. 

At the very least, after our initial call you will have some direction to help you get one step closer to reaching your goal. 

Hang on, there is one more thing I forgot to mention......

If now still does not feel like the right time for you, there is a way you can get started with no cost to you!

Simply grab a copy of my 10 Steps to Better Nutrition Guide.

This guide will show you practical ways you can better your nutrition without crazy diets or food restrictions. 

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and get the book!

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