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Reviews and Testimonials

"I always had a fear of hurting my back, and it always kept me from staying consistent with my current fitness routine.

Tim not only understood my concerns, but is able to keep me consistent with creative options and adjustments so that I can do exercises more comfortably for my body.

Tim clearly outline his individualized approach for me, and took the time to listen about what was important to me for my own fitness and health, and came up with a plan that met me where I was at. 

Tim's calm, supportive, and encouraging coaching style has helped me to feel  stronger physically, more confident when picking heavy things up around the house, and has helped me to be less fearful of hurting my back!"  Kathleen B. 


Vinny came to Stiroh Fitness and Nutrition to get some guidance on how to build muscle. For Vinny, it all comes down to staying motivated, and using his motivation to help him stay consistent!


Tori was looking to get back to some structured strength training after some injuries forced her change her fitness routine. She knew t it would be a challenge,  but she faced the challenge head on. Before she knew it she was back to feeling strong when she get back under the bar! 


Nick M.

Since being with Tim I have enhanced my athleticism, strength, and physical appearance.


Chris P.

I have been hitting PR's I never knew I could. I have been working out for years, but with Tim I am really pushing myself past my limits!


Frank C.

Tim  truly cares about his clients and his professionalism is bar none. I would recommend anyone looking to reach their fitness goals to Tim.


Frankie had interests in becoming a personal trainer himself and wanted to learn by going through a training program. What benefited Frankie the most was the attention to detail, the education, and the motivation that Tim brought. Now, Frankie is using what he learned as he is now in fact a personal trainer himself!


Betim had been struggling to find his fitness again. However, with his own wedding coming up, he came to me wanting to be in the best shape he could for his big day. After 3 months of training, Betim dropped 15 lbs and reached new levels of strength he did not know he had!


Justin was a NCAA ice hockey player who overcame a major back injury and is now reliving his NCAA playing days through our training program


Eric has been a fitness and strength training enthusiast for years. In just a few months, Eric lost 20 lbs, and gained more confidence and a more positive outlook on training, nutrition, and health.


Brian S.

Tim has been fundamental in helping me kickstart my fitness after taking years off!


Shawn L.

Nothing but great things to say about Tim! Extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and genuine. For anyone looking improve their fitness, Tim Stiroh is YOUR guy!


Devin L.

Awesome trainer! Tim really helped me plan out and achieve a healthy workout routine! Definitely would recommend Tim to anyone!


Elizabeth H.

I am stronger and more fit. I play tennis better as I move better on the court. I feel great mentally after the workout. 


Jeremy D.

I have increased my strength, hit multiple personal bests,  running longer distances and have  more confidence  in myself. 


Moriah O.

After my initial conversation with Tim, the hesitations that would have normally held me back disappeared. Tim was extremely understanding and flexible, and I was able to see progress within the first month!

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