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About Me


Who Am I?

My story is pretty straight forward, and probably very predictable to many people. However, I am becoming a big believer in the start of the journey doesn't nearly matter as much as the present.


I grew up loving sports and loved being active. I played sports in high school, where I began falling in love with training. My main sport was football, and I loved the process of training for a specific thing. After high school and through college I still worked out and was always in the gym. Although, it was mainly to look good, hey I was in college at this time, what did you expect.  I always felt the weight room is where I felt my best. Not from the sense of performance, but mentally. For me strength training provided me with a huge benefit mentally. 


I was never the most outgoing person. But the gym is where I always felt the most confident in myself. Maybe it was because I always knew I was working harder than my fellow gym goers. Maybe it was because I really enjoyed pushing myself through the discomfort of a hard set or sprint, knowing I would be better for it after it was over. No matter what the reason may have, been I do know that I always I had the weight room to help me feel like myself. 


1 year after college I realized I did not like where I was at. I was at a sports media job that was not giving me the passion I was hoping for in a career. I decided I needed to change because I did not want to end up being stuck on a path that I know would not have been right for me. So I quit that media job and enrolled in graduate school for exercise science and physiology and the rest is history as they say. 

I have grown to love working with people. More than that however, I have grown to become so passionate about getting people to do things they never thought they could do again, or even do things for the first time. Getting you to hit new personal best are great achievements. But for me, the real thrill comes when people say.


 I am playing sports again after years of back pain!

I feel like I am just as strong as I was in college!

Or even, I had to get new pants because by butt has gotten more muscle on it my pants don't fit!

That is what gets me excited.

As I have gotten older, smarter, and wiser, I have really taking a very methodical approach to my training and the clients I work with. This means setting a specific target (strength, muscle building, weight loss, or athletics). Picking smarter exercises that are specific to you based on your body and skill set. Planning the program in a way that will continuously be challenging. Giving you the perfect does so you are not too defeated to win the rest of your day. And finally, putting all together in a way that fits your life. Health and fitness should be a part of your life, you should not have to build your life around them. 

My mission now, is give you all the tools you could ever need so that all you have to worry about is putting in the work. I will be here as your support and your guide, but ultimately it will be you that makes your future self your current self!

I hope this paints a good picture of who the person is behind this website, and what my intentions are. 

I am thrilled that you are here! 

Tim Stiroh

Masters of Science in exercise science and exercise physiology (M.S.)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (PN L1)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC)

William Paterson University Strength and Conditioning Professor
William Paterson University Department of Kinesiology Advisory Board Member

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