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5 steps to hit your goals in 2024

At the time of this writting, there are only a few more weeks left in 2023.


And then, it is right into 2024!


The new year will likely bring some big changes to your life.


If you have any goals in 2024, this 5 step check list may help you get a head start.


Before I share it though, it is confession time for me.


I am not the best planner, and I am trying to do better with it.


In fact, I know I need to be better at it.


I wanted to share this checklist to get you thinking about you and your goals.


This is the exact checklist that I will be using to help set up my 2024 goals.


Number 1: what is your end goal?


What are you trying to do?


Is it trying to hit a new personal best in your squat, is it to run your first 5K in 3 years, or is it just getting back on your old gym routine you used to love.


Here is a quick pro tip for you all.


Pick something specific and tangible so you can focus in on one thing.


For example, saying I want to squat 200 lbs. is better than I want to get stronger.


This way you can work backwards.


If you can currently squat 185 lbs, you only have to 15 more lbs. to go.


From there, you can start adding a little more weight each week or every couple weeks until you reach 200 lbs. on the squat.  

Number 2: when do I want to accomplish this by?


I think this is important because it creates a sense of urgency for you.


For example, my client Betim wanted to lose weight before his wedding.


We had 3 months to make it happen.


In those 3 months Betim was focused each session, and got all the support he needed to keep the progress going week after week.


Number 3: what are you ready, willing, and able to change right now?


This one is huge and very underrated.


You may have aspirations to get as shredded as possible.


But that is going to take a lot of commitment on your part.


If you are a busy parent with a full time job, it may make harder to:


Hit your macro goals each day.

Work out intensely for 6-7 days per week.Get the perfect sleep each and every night.


As eager as you may be to do that, it may not fit your life and schedule right now.


On the flip side, let's say you want to lose 5 lbs. to the start of the new year.


There are some easy adjustments you can make that wont force you to reinvent your entire schedule.


These can be bringing lunch to work, or cooking from home 3-4 nights of the week.


You can even go for a 30 minute walk 3-4 times per week on your lunch break.


Rather than trying to do everything all at once, these small wins will help you stack win after win and build some momentum.


Step 4: come up with a plan B (and C)


No matter how good your schedule is set up, and no matter how good you plan your day, you may have to make adjustments.


If anyone is in the Fairfield, Lincoln Park, and or Wayne area you may have had to take a few detours this morning driving to work due to the rain from the past few days.


If you have a goal of getting back into running, you may be looking to run 4 times per week.


You have been running for 3 weeks and have been consistently hitting 4 days per week.


Then one day, it rains and you have to move to plan B.


Plan B is an easy one, you just shift it down a day.


Instead of running Tuesday, you can run Wednesday.


However, what if Wednesday is no good either? Do you have a plan C?


Maybe you have a gym near by you can go to, or hop on the peloton, either one of this will still keep you moving in the right direction.  

Number 5: just. get. started.


This is where the magic is and where your goals start to take life.


There is no perfect time to start, you may not feel ready, but by just starting you are already moving one step closer to the outcome you may have been chasing for months, years, or perhaps decades.


You may want to get started on your own, but if you would like some extra help and guidance keep reading.


What you can do now, is schedule a free training session with myself where we will go through a free personal training session.


This free personal training session is perfect if you are looking for some guidance in the gym, have come concerns about your form, need a little extra push to squeeze out that final rep.


If this is something that you are considering, it would be best for you and I to have brief chat over the phone so I can get a little more about your story.


You can book a call by clicking the link below.


In case you want to know how I will be applying this in 2024, read the list below.

  1. My goal: post something every day to social media.

  2. When do I want to accomplish this by: hit one week of posting everyday by January 31, 2024.

  3. What am I ready willing and able to change: I'm ready to start this because it would help my reach to help those who feel stuck in fitness and health, I am willing to dedicate a few minutes on Sunday to plan ahead, I'll be able to have some help with video and picture taking.

  4. Plan B and C: if I can't make a full post, I can just do a story or a video of me educating you on fitness and nutrition.

  5. Execute: I know the value in this, and I am excited to help more people improve their confidence in the gym.

A good plan will make it easier for you to get started, stay consistent, and handle the challenges that will come up along the way.

Help is here if you ever need it.

My mission with my coaching and those that I work with is to take all of the frustrations you may be facing with your own fitness and put you on the fast track to your goals.

All the best,

Tim Stiroh

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