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5 Tips for better take out

Most of you will have take out a few times a week.

Personally, we either get take out or go out to eat by ourselves or with family and friends 1-2 times a week.

We use it to our advantage.

Take out and going out to eat can be helpful when we don't have any food in the house, or when we are exhausted and don't feel like cooking, or when we want date nights, or want to catch up with family and friends.

Some health coaches and enthusiasts may read that and say that is not a good strategy for health.

But I think most of you reading this will relate to what I am saying, so let's just ignore those health coaches, and focus on you.

How can you stay on track while having take out?

Eating take out should not make you feel guilty, unhealthy, or like you just failed your plan.

One take out meal or one night dinning out will not make you gain weight.

But there are some ways that you can adjust your order to keep you on track and say yes to a spontaneous dinner out with a loved one or friends.

5 steps to take control of take out and going out to eat!

  1. Take a look at the menu before hand. This way you know what options you have before you get to the restaurant or order.

  2. Try to limit how much appetizers you have before your main meal.

  3. Get some veggies on your plate. Veggies help you feel fuller, which can help you eat less overall.

  4. Opt for grilled or steamed options, rather than fried and breaded ones. Even this simple switch can save hundreds of calories.

  5. Limit the toppings, sauces, dressings, and sides you have. These can add tons of unexpected calories. A barbeque bacon cheese burger can have hundreds of calories just from the toppings alone! Although, that does sound good right now.

Many people preach the idea that you must cook every single meal you have in order to be a healthy individual.

While cooking your own food will definitely help, I don't believe that that is 100% realistic for everyone.

And who would want that, I love going out to eat and trying new foods with those I care about.

Rather than beating yourself up about getting take out, or feeling guilty about going out to eat, save this instead.

Understand that one take out dinner doesn't mean you are unhealthy, and won't throw you off your plan.

How respond to the take out meal is more important than the meal itself.

Have the take out, enjoy it, and then get back to your usual routine tomorrow. That is how consistency builds.

Use this as a guide the next time you go out to eat or want to stay in and eat take out on the couch.

All the best,


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