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Does Fat Really Become Muscle???

This is a common thought that many people have.

Especially those that may have the best of intentions to improve their health.

It is not a bad thing at all to think this.

I mean, you only know what you know, and don't know what you don't know.

I know that is a confusing sentence.

Let me use a story to explain what I mean.

I know ZERO about cars. Absolutely nothing.

I know what cars I like based on how they look.

But I know nothing about how engines or breaks work.

All I know is when I see the red flashing light on my dashboard I should bring it in to get the engine looked at.

When a car mechanic is speaking to me about what is going on, I basically just smile and nod.

They are talking about carburetor's, valves, connecting rods, and there I am just thinking about flux capacitors (any Back To The Future fans out there).

I don't know much about cars, so anything I hear will sound right to me.

This is very similar to when someone hears a friend, family member, or in today's world a social media influencer say that they want to start lifting weights so they can turn their pesky body fat that won't go away, into lean and healthy muscle.

If you don't know much about the science behind fat loss and or muscle gain, that may sound accurate to you.

But, unfortunately, the human body does not work like that.

People may believe that body fat turns into muscle because when some becomes leaner, parts of their body had body fat, now appear to be filled up with lean muscle.

In reality, what is happening is that the fat cells are getting smaller, and the muscle is becoming more visible because there are less fat cells surrounding it.

If you have been trying to do this, but have yet to succeed, keep reading because there could be some useful tips down below.

The first step to losing body fat and getting those muscles to show more is to maintain a caloric deficit, which means you are eating less calories then you need based on your body's activity.

When that happens, you body starts to use more and more of the stored energy within those fat cells and they get smaller and smaller over time.

This will help reduce the amount of body fat that you carry.

Ideally, it is not just about eating less, as you should also keep your muscles strong and healthy by lifting weights 2-3 times per week.

When you lift weights correctly, your muscles will grow and get stronger as your body fat percentage falls down.

This one two punch will result in a leaner version of yourself that people may not even recognize!

This is a very oversimplistic explanation, but here is a short summary to sum it all up.

The concept of turning fat into muscle is not accurate.

Skeletal muscle and body fat are two different tissues within our body, and can't flip flop back and forth.

What people really mean is when they say this is:

"I want to lose body fat so that my muscles are more visible, and I look a little leaner"

In order to do this, so you get that leaned out look, it will require a caloric deficit, eating protein, and following a resistance training program to help your muscles grow!

If you would like some guidance as you try to lose weight and build muscle, hit the link below to get in touch with me.

We can go over what you have tried so far, why that did not work for you, and we can come up with the best plan for you based on that information to achieve the body that you feel your best in!

All the best,

Tim Stiroh

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