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Exercise Spotlight: dumbbell goblet squat

When you think of ways to workout your legs, squatting is most likely to come into your mind.

One squatting variation that I love to add to my clients programs is the dumbbell goblet squat.

Here are just a few reasons why the goblet squat is one of my favorites.

  1. The goblet squat is great way to teach or re-teach the squat pattern

  2. The goblet squat can improve squat depth

  3. The goblet squat can train the muscles of the legs

  4. The goblet squat is versatile for any age

  5. The goblet squat is easy to incorporate into your at home workouts!

To set this exercises up, grab a dumbbell or kettlebell that you can comfortably hold in your hands like I am in the video below.

Then, position your feet between hip and shoulder width apart.

Your feet can turn out slightly if that feels better on your knees and hips.

With the weight in hand, gently reach it forward.

Once the weight is away from your chest, unlock your knees and lower your hips and body down to the floor.

When I am teaching this exercise, I use the analogy of descending your hip pockets straight down to floor like an elevator.

Go as low as you feel comfortable going, and push your feet into the ground, and stand up nice and tall so you use all of the leg muscles.

When you do this type of squat, your eyes should stay looking straight ahead and not down or up.

If you are someone who has limited equipment at home, or has a desire to get back into the gym after an injury, the dumbbell goblet squat can be a great addition to your training program!

If you are interested in my personal training and nutrition programs, or the other services offered at JD Core Training, please go right ahead and fill out a contact form by clicking the link below!

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