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How To Stay Motivated Forever

Let's talk motivation.


Motivation is one of those trendy buzzwords that you hear about all the time in health, fitness and personal development.


Usually you hear it from someone that just read a self help book or someone who just listened to the most popular podcast.


Motivation can be abstract, making it hard for you to really define.


You may be motivated by your needs for survival.


Things like food, shelter, safety, money for bills can be examples of external motivators that may drive you.


These may drive you take the overtime, to stay late at the office, to put yourself last in order to care for those around you.


All of which are admirable sacrifices to make for the good of those you care about.


However, in order to stay motivated on your personal goals and not get burned out, motivation has to go a few layers deeper.


Motivation that lasts can help you on the hardest of days and weeks.


It can help you find the courage to apply for the new job, start putting yourself first when appropriate, continue to perform at your best at work, and have a newfound sense of purpose and urgency to help you accomplish what you know you can do.


Finding motivation like this is tough, and it is likely to come in waves.


There may be some points of the year where it is easy to find it, whereas other times it is nowhere to be found.


If you find yourself struggling to stay motivated as you are trying to accomplish a goal for yourself, try this 5 Why Exercise.


It is an exercise that I learned from my Precision Nutrition Certification, and can help you to uncover what it is that really keeps you motivated.


Here is how you are going to do it.


Step 1: write your goal in the following format: my goal is to ______ (go one step further by adding a realistic deadline to it)

Step 2: answer the following question: why do I want to achieve this?

Step 3: answer the following question: why is that important to me?

Step 4: answer the following question: why will this better my life?Step 5: answer the following question: why will this matter to those around me?

Step 6: answer the following question: why would that mean something to me?


The idea of this exercise is to help you get clear on not just what you want to achieve, but why it matters to you, those around you, and your future self.


Being motivated for a day or week is easy.


But being motivated for a month, months, and years is where the real challenge is.


By no means am I perfectly motivated either.


But, on the days where it feels harder than others, knowing your why helps you to muster up the courage and energy to give what you can on the hardest of days.


If you are struggling with staying motivated, try this exercise and see what you come up with.


With the right clarity, guidance, and support, your motivation to stay the course will be easier.

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