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I Hit A New PR in Just 3 weeks!

Here is what I did to get there.

Long story short, I took the guess work away and followed a strength training program.

At the end of September, I realized I needed a new goal to strive for with my own training.

My training felt a little stale and I felt I was starting to lose some motivation as I had been doing the same thing for about 3 months at the time.

For me, my goals revolve around strength training and becoming a well-rounded human being that does not feel limited by his own body.

I want to feel strong enough to lift heavy things, athletic enough to play sports with confidence, and have enough stamina to not feel out breath.

For the longest time I wasn’t following any plan.

I mean, I am a certified strength coach with a master’s degree in exercise science.

Why do I need to follow some other program to tell me what I already know.

Well, I did this to put myself in your shoes and remind myself of some of the other benefits that come with following a plan or working with a coach.

At the end of September, I was able to lift 405 pounds for 3 reps in the exercise known as the trap bar deadlift and was able to lift 195 pounds for 4 reps in the barbell bench press.

When we lift for strength, we want to keep the intensity high, and volume low.

Another way to think about this is keep the weight you’re lifting high, keep the reps low, and do more sets.

For example, a simple approach to strength training is 5 sets of 3-5 reps, with a weight that is 85-95 % of your 1 rep max.

I decided to try an approach that I have read about in the past but never really put myself through it.

This approach is the 5/3/1 method, made famous by Jim Wendler.

This strength training system is broken down into 4 weeks and is shown in the table below.

This system works so well because it keeps the volume low but keeps the intensity high.

Another bonus to this system is that it makes you push the last set for as many reps as you can in the last set each week.

This approach guarantees that you are pushing yourself and providing a massive reason for the body to get stronger.

This is the approach that I did to help make massive strength gains in 3 weeks.

By week three, I was able to lift 405 lbs. for 6 reps (3 more than I had before), and 195 for 6 reps (2 more than I had before).

However, that wasn’t my biggest takeaway.

My biggest realization was how having a plan to follow makes it so much easier to get results.

In my opinion, following a plan or program makes your training easy because of these 3 things.

  1. You don’t have to guess how many sets or reps to do. You follow the plan that is staring back at you.

  2. It creates a sense of accountability. When you look at your weekly lifts, you know where you stand. If you are a competitive person, or if you are serious about making gains, you will likely want to be better than the previous weeks.

  3. The belief that this program works. I know this program works since I have read about it and know it is used by many coaches. Because of that I trusted the process and saw the reward.

A simple google search can show countless programs on how to get stronger.

But the magic really lies in how these programs make it easier for you to show up, stick to a plan, have less to worry about, and provide a very high chance that you will receive results.

I wanted to share this story not to brag, but to show you what really helps get results, and why people follow programs and work with professionals.

If you feel that you have hit a roadblock in your weight loss, strength training, or overall fitness, maybe it is time to re-ignite that spark to get some motivation back.

Working with a coach (such as myself), can take the guesswork away, make it easier for you just show up and put in the work, and be pushed in way that is sustainable but also in a way that will ensure results.

If you resonated with this story and are feeling like you want to start working towards the person you are trying to become, click the click and book a call.

In this 30-minute call, we will go over what you are looking to achieve through your fitness and come up with a strategy to help get you there.

Here is the proof that this story is real. In case anyone doesn't believe me.

All the best,


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