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Quick at home workouts and portion control hacks

Here are 2 quick tips that might come in handy this week as you get ready for new years.


Fitness and Training


If you are a parent, you may need to adjust your workout routine this week.


Your kids may be off from school which means you may need to keep them busy.


If you are in need of a quick workout you can do right at home, give this one a try.


Pick 2-3 exercises, and put 10-15 minutes on the timer.


Do as many total sets as you can of 10 reps for each exercise.


Here is an example.


  1. Set a timer for 12 minutes

  2. Do 10 body weight squats

  3. Do 10 push ups

  4. 10 crunches

 Rest as needed between exercises.


This may not be the best workout of your life, but it certainly will get you moving and get your heart rate up a little bit and you don't even need to leave your home! 



One of the biggest struggles you may be facing during the end of the year is portion control.


I'm guilty of this too.


One way you can help combat that is to buy individually packaged snacks.


Before I sat down to write this article, I had some pistachios.


The pistachios that I took from the house this morning were the pre-packaged ones that are are already portioned out.


If you did not know, nuts have a lot of calories, 9 calories per gram, and given their small size, they tend to be easy to over eat.


If I just took a handful out of a jar and put them in a Ziploc bag, there is no way of knowing I much calories I could have.


Unless I measured it out of course.


But, with the pre-packaged ones, you know exactly how much is in there.


If you are trying to keep track of your portions, this can be a super helpful way to do so.

For those that are more visual types of people, this is what I am talking about, and what I had before I wrote this article.


For those that count and track calories, this makes it easier to know how much you have.

For those that don't track calories, I suggest taking a few moments to just recognize how full and satisfied you feel after something like this.


This way you can start to become more aware of your hunger cues to determine how much is too much and how much is just right.


Hope this can help some of you this week!  

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